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What You Do

Your career: It’s what you do, however you do it. Whether you are an employee, partner, consultant, contractor, officer, director or shareholder, there will be twists and turns along the way.

Career Lawyers provide advice and guidance when you face changes, challenges or transition in your career.

What We Do

We act for individuals.

We provide advice and representation at every turn in your career.

We are legal and strategic advisors acting for executives, employees, consultants, partners, shareholders, directors and officers at times of transition, change and crisis in their careers.

You Should Call Us When:

  • You are considering a move in your career
  • You begin discussions about a new opportunity
  • You have an offer of employment
  • You are being offered a promotion in your current organization
  • You are being asked to sign a new agreement
    Changes are being made to your role, duties, or compensation
  • Your incentive compensation is lower than expected
  • You receive a surprising performance review
  • Your partners are not acting as agreed
  • Your employment, contract or appointment has been terminated
  • You are harassed, sexually or otherwise, are being treated differently than others or have a workplace conflict or even just a “sense” that something is not quite right
  • You have questions about any legal issue arising in the course of your work.

You can reach out to us before things become contentious; together, with you as the expert on the facts and us as the authority on the law, we can craft your desired outcome and develop a strategy to pursue those objectives.

If things do become contentious, we will coach you on how to respond directly or, where appropriate, represent you in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation or a combination. Our lawyers have achieved success for our clients in every one of these venues and in all levels of court in Ontario.


On your Side, every Step of the way

We are adept at contract interpretation, particularly complicated compensation plans, and at identifying situations where those contracts may not be enforceable against you. You should call us when you are being asked to agree to them, when you are being told that they apply in a certain way and before you make any decisions or agree to changes that could engage those issues.

Mostly, we are fierce advocates and trusted advisors who are with you every step of the way.