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Disagreements arise. Contracts are breached. People behave in ways that damage your interests. When you can’t settle these things yourself, you need a litigator.

Litigation is dispute resolution. A litigator is skilled at resolving disputes using a combination of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and the courts.

What We Do

We resolve disputes for our clients.

We negotiate with a view to avoiding a fight.

When a negotiated resolution is not possible, we pursue other avenues including commencing a lawsuit, demanding arbitration or exploring alternative dispute resolution options.

We gather evidence, organize it and present it to the court or arbitrator in a way that is effective and persuasive. We help you to tell your story so that the decision maker understands your issue and can make a decision.

We aim to win. Whatever a win looks like for you.

You Should Call Us When:

  • A person or company is not abiding by contractual obligations
  • Your shareholders or partners are acting in a manner that damages your interests
  • You have been served with a Statement of Claim.
  • You can reach out to us before things become contentious; together, with you as the expert on the facts and us as the authority on the law, we can craft your desired outcome and develop a strategy to pursue those objectives.