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What Drives Us

KBA Partners LLP  is committed to excellence and integrity, in equal measure. These are our governing values.
Excellence is measured by results. Results are measured against client objectives.

Why Choose Us

While we can never guarantee a particular result, we canvass all the options, consider the risks and craft a strategy to pursue your preferred legal remedy or outcome. Our clients come to us for results; they trust us to help resolve their legal issues and to do so in a manner that keeps them informed, engaged and active in the process. You don’t see a lawyer because you want to establish an esoteric point of law; you see a lawyer because you want to know your rights, canvass your options and pursue an optimal outcome. For us, excellence is about striving to achieve your objectives with you.

Our Promise

We promise to be tenacious, innovative and assertive in striving for your desired outcome.

We promise to demonstrate Integrity in  how we pursue excellence. We cannot be excellent without honesty, respect for others, commitment to community and dedication to the administration of justice.

We promise to always be honest with you. Whether the news or advice is good or not what you had hoped for, you can be certain that we will be candid.


Respect for others includes respect for our clients, our colleagues, co-workers and others. It is also a two way street-we show you respect and expect it in return. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients; we want to be trusted advisors to whom you turn when the need arises.


Commitment to community is a shared value at KBA Partners LLP.  All of our team members are active in their communities and support groups and movements that reflect how they would like to give back to the society that has given them so much. Some organizations that our members are involved with and/or support include Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, Gilda’s Club, the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, Pro Bono Law Ontario and the YWCA.


We play our part to administer justice in our legal system. We take that responsibility seriously. It requires us to make the system transparent to our clients and sensible in its approach.

We strive for excellence and integrity in everything we do, including what we do for you.